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Email: tylerdavidhoward@gmail.com

Phone: 214.385.3114



      Welcome to my portfolio website, and thanks for coming! I studied at Southern Methodist University and received my Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science in 2011, and I continued my studies at The Guildhall at SMU with a Master of Interactive Technology degree with a specialization in Software Development in 2013. I currently work at Synacor as a Software Engineer, and prior to that I worked at 5th Planet Games from June 2013 to January 2015.

     You know your Bartle-Crouch archetypes, right? I’m an Explorer, and it shows. In games, I’m usually the guy that researches the mechanics in-depth to help out my friends optimize their builds, and outside of them, I have a continual love of learning. Programming is my main skill of trade, but on the side, I also enjoy painting in watercolor and reading up on fictional writing and psychology (most recently, Pynchon and Jung, respectively). I’m not just satisfied with functionality alone, I like understanding why something works and what the underlying implications are. I like being able to understand the nitty-gritty details of a complex topic enough to translate them to a higher-level five-minute version. I like making someone else’s job easier.

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